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  • Maker: Mia Cullin

    Tell us about yourself

    I work as a designer and interior architect, based in Stockholm. I Love travelling. Inspired by anything that surrounds me but most of all by my three kids.

    How did you end up as a designer?

    Since I was very small I have been drawing and sketching, so it came to me very naturally. It is fantastic to be able to combine my greatest interest with my profession.

    What kind of material is the wood for you?

    Wood is for me among the most delicate, poetic and beautiful material I can think about: With its unique structure- no piece of wood is like the other. Fragile but strong. Cut down years ago, but still alive reacting on temperature, humidity and never forgets its original shape.

    How would you describe the way you work?

    I mostly work hands-on. With pen on paper and with simple models, before continuing in the computer.


    If You were not a designer what would you do?

    I would be a Detective


    The most important item to you?

    When working: Any pen

    What are working on now?

    An interior of an office in central Stockholm and different design assignments- about upholstery, sound absorbing, clothes storage and plants.